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Little Lexi

Rated #1 teen on the charts

Find out why!

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Dirty Little School Girl

Who will teach who a lesson today?

Will I be teaching you on for being a naughty pervert and always trying to look up my skirt or will you teach me that flirting can get me into trouble… or … ?


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Mistress Lexi

Don’t let my size fool you, don’t think  I can’t make you do what I want. If you think I can’t, you  better think again!


ext.  102

Now that you found me

What will you do with me? Whatever it is I can promise it will be hot and  naughty, I have no limits and no taboos. And I love getting dirtier and nasty then anyone else!


1-877-225-1669  ext 102

Teddy and Me

We just love when  Daddy tucks us in.. well  tucks us in after…  * giggles*


I am gonna sneak into Daddys office. He’s watching those movies , the kind I’m not supposed to see

I C U Peeking

Those bushes don’t hide you, you dirty naughty stalking pervert